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Dry Cleaning and Laundry Prices

Formal Clothing

Item Cost
Suit Jacket $6.25
Blouse $5.75
Coats $+12.00
Dress Shirts Dry Cleaned $3.95
Dress Shirts Laundered $3.00
Dresses $10.75
Dress Pants $6.25
Skirt $5.00
Vest $6.25
Alterations- Begin at $15 $15
Button Replacement $Free

Casual Clothing

Item Cost
Belt $4.00
Crease Sleeves $4.00
Hats $4.00
Jeans $5.25
Polo Shirts $6.00
Scarf $5.25
Shorts $4.00
Sweaters $8.00
T-Shirt $4.00
Jacket $15.00
Jump Suit $14.00

Linens & Household Items

Item Cost
Pillow Case $2.00
Blanket / Comforter King $25
Down Comforter Queen $28.00
Down Comforter King $+35
Table Cloth Small / Medium $10.00
Table Cloth Large $12.00
Rugs $+40.00
Curtains $40.00
Bed Sheets $10.00
Purse $38.00

Wash and Fold Laundry

Plans Length Cost Description
10 Lbs/ Week 6 Months $216.00 Laundry plan for 1 person.
20 Lbs/ Week 6 Months $418.50 Most popular plan.
30 Lbs/ Week 6 Months $599.00 Heavy Use. Good amount for Families.

Free Pick Up and Delivery on all Laundry and Dry Cleaning Orders.
Wash and Fold Laundry without a Plan is $1.99 Per Pound.

If you would like us to care of any of your cleaning needs, please contact info@xlaundry.com for more information.

X Laundry Has Serviced and Cleaned Over

136,000 Pounds of Wash and Fold Laundry

X Laundry is Chicago's free pick up and delivery laundry service

34,500 Dry Cleaning Garments

34,000 Dry Cleaning Items

Now serving Chicago and the Suburbs of Chicagoland

Frequently Asked Questions

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X Laundry offers laundry and dry cleaning service from 8am-9pm, Monday through Saturday!

Log In to your account and select My Services > Schedule An Appointment.
You can also text 'Appointment' and your pick up day & time to 245-87. (E.G. 'Appointment Thursday 2pm')

Yes! X Laundry delivers to the location that is most convenient for you. As long as your location is in our delivery zip code, X Laundry provides you with the functionality to adjust the address in your profile, or send a change of address and/or pick up time to info@xlaundry.com

We are always excited to add amazing people to our team. If you are interested in working for X Laundry, please email your resume to and tell us why you should work for X Laundry!

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